The Dojang will be closed..

July 5th

The Dojang will be closed in observance of Independence Day. Have a fantastic weekend!

Black Belt Test

July 23rd and 24th

Friday 5:30pm  (no sparring)

Saturday 10:30am  (1 class at 9:00am for all belts)

The Black Belt journey takes years to complete.

Please join us in this rewarding experience that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

Elite Club Class

Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30PM

The purpose of the elite club class is to promote a higher level of training for highly motivated students who have goals of becoming a black belt and beyond.

The class covers more topics than our regular program and with more detail.
Elite uniform is mandatory for this class.

Belt Testing

Dates: TBD

Belt testing is the next level of your Taekwondo training. Demonstrate your skills and desire to attain the next belt.

You must have an active membership in order to test.

- No classes on testing day -

Times will be posted on Facebook and our blog the week of the test